Partner Specialisms: Recognizing Your Depth of Knowledge and Experience​

In addition to partner tiers, the Honeywell Performance Partner Program differentiates and recognizes partners by their specialism, i.e., their type of offering to the market. Partners awarded with a specialism demonstrate a relevant depth of knowledge and experience in offering a particular technology or solution. By promoting the specialist capabilities that exist within our partner network we highlight that our program offers the widest range of partner skill sets and specialties in the industry. Our 2016 partner network offers customers an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience, backed by the power of Honeywell partnership.

Printer Specialist
With the integration of the Datamax-O'Neil partner program, the Performance Partner Program 2016 includes a large number of partners offering strong experience and knowledge in delivering printers and media into the AIDC industry. By creating a specific Printer Specialist category we can ensure an excellent customer experience for all printer services, regardless of location.

Scanning Specialist
The Scanning Specialists category is for partners that excel in the delivery of solutions focusing on scanning for data capture. By recognizing this specialism within the PPP network, we are able to identify and nurture our Scanning Specialist partners' unique strengths and provide additional support and rewards to grow their business.

Program Requirements
Your Performance Partner Program specialism is based on a set of requirements outlined in the terms and conditions below, and includes revenue, business planning and accreditation training to gain specialist status.  Honeywell will conduct an official review of Performance Partner specialism status on a quarterly basis to ensure adherence to the program requirements.

Partner Application Process

  1. Fill out the Printer Specialist application form »    
    Fill out the Scanner Specialist application form »
  2. We will review your application internally and see if you meet the Program  Requirements. Completion of the application does not coincide with acceptance to the program.
  3. You will be notified if you qualify to become a Honeywell Performance Partner Program Specialist.
  4. If you qualify we will send you a link to sign our Specialist Partner terms and conditions and complete the on-boarding process.
  5. We will the provide you with tools you need to access the benefits and grow your business within the Print/Media or Scanning Specialism.
  6. A maximum of 50 partners will be accepted into the print/media or scanning program within any given period. If there are more than 50 partners meeting the program criteria we will maintain a wait list. Should a partner fail to meet program requirements, they will be notified and removed from the program and the next eligible partner will be accepted into the program.