Third-Party Logistics

Increasingly companies are moving to outsourced logistics as the means to help them better focus on their core competencies.  Many leading 3PL organizations are leveraging operations improvements gained from the use of Vocollect Voice into a competitive advantage to help them attract and maintain blue-chip customers.  Vocollect offers flexible solution that works well within dedicated facilities as well as multiple-customer environments with significantly different order selection processes and technology infrastructures.

Vocollect offers a flexible investment, if a contract is lost, the kit can be moved and adapted to other locations quickly. In addition, transfering the workforce to new sites and processes can be done very quickly, keeping productivity and performance at the highest levels.. Increasing productivity and performance etc.

Task optimization is another key benefit of voice that supports the scalability and changeability within the 3PL environment. For operations that have multiple warehouse contracts within a site and multiple products stored for separate organizations, it is possible to operate multiple processes off the same system by client, increasing task and staffing optimization.

A Selection of Vocollect Third-Party Logistics Customers

Industry - Logistics

Business Challenges

Heighten Customer Satisfaction 

We’ll help you to deliver the perfect order, ensuring compliance with your customers and achieving high service levels. Our customers have acheived up to 99.995% accuracy levels.

Keep Customers Informed 

Paper labels are incapable of providing real-time feedback to a customer, which is often a requirement and many times can be a service differentiator.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications 

Vocollect offers the flexibility to provide best-in-class performance in each-, pallet-, and case-picking.

Reduce Operations Costs 

Vocollect Voice reduces operational costs by making your workers more productive than with alternative picking methods – and it requires a much lower investment to implement than with rigid automation solutions. Our management software provides key visibility into individual worker productivity and inventory.

Protect Your Investment 

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months.  Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

Customer Quotes

"We're moving products more efficiently now, and we're improving our inventory turns. Those are solid results for us -- and our bottom line."

"The Vocollect system  has really worked out great for this company. What I asked was for 20% increase in productivity with an accuracy rate of 99.99% and that was easily obtainable. I purchased this system just over six months ago, and I've already gotten my return on my investment."

"It is the productivity that is paying for the investment. With the Vocollect system there is no reasons to use a barcode which makes it the quickest process."