Specialty Retail

The hyper-competitive specialty retail industry requires best-in-breed distribution practices in order to guarantee product availability and customer satisfaction.  Leading retailers turn to Vocollect for help in turning merchandise from the receiving door to their retail stores and to direct customers with optimal speed and accuracy.

The vast product ranges within this sector generate handling and control issues. The ability to have the hands and eyes free to handle consignments reduces the potential for damage while increasing product control and process efficiency. The ability to deliver accurately in a climate of pressure on sales is a challenge. To maintain high-levels of customer service and availability the need for productive workers and ‘perfect’ orders are key business drivers.

SKU proliferation, consumer demand volatility and regulatory requirements – to be successful in this industry, you need to leverage your business processes across your global supply chain.  Vocollect Voice allows you to react quickly and more profitably to the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.

A Selection of Vocollect Specialty Retail Customers

Industry - Specialty Retail

Business Challenges

Reduce Operations Costs and Optimize Facility Throughput 

Vocollect Voice increases worker productivity, which helps you minimize dock-to-shelf times. It also can be an enabling technology to help you optimize merchandise processing capacity in buffered cross-dock and put-to-store operations.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications 

Vocollect offers the flexibility to provide best-in-class performance in each-, pallet-, and case-picking – enabling you to easily allocate workers to the areas where they’re needed most.

Flexibility for Temporary Labor Costs and Business Seasonality 

If you rely on seasonal workers, you can reduce worker training by as much as 50% by using Vocollect Voice, in comparison with RF scanning or picking by paper.  This can translate into a significant reduction in peak season labor costs. Our retail customers often report that their temporary workers meet performance quotas within one week of their start date.

Achieve Accuracy for Consumer Direct Retailing 

There’s only one chance to get the order right.  Vocollect Voice enables extremely high order selection levels without delays caused by time-intensive order-checking processes.

Protect Your Investment 

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months.  Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

Customer Quotes

"This is a home run for us -- not just a single  -- a home run. The Talkman systems is making a huge impact on the way we do business."

"I can’t overstate the importance of a quick and accurate shipping system in variety retailing. With Vocollect Voice, our stores can maintain an ‘in-stock’ position for customers while reducing the costs and headaches associated with picking errors. Furthermore, voice technology has streamlined operations at our warehouses, increased the production of our staff, and reduced printing costs and waste."

"How has voice helped? Let me count the ways. Productivity increased by 35% in put-to-store applications and by 15% in order selection. We reduced training from one day to hours, if not minutes. Since the voice terminals are body-worn, operators don’t need to handle them. Because the RF terminals were frequently dropped, they had to be sent in for repair quite often, which created downtime. The durability of the voice equipment has helped reduce our operating costs."