Food & Beverage

Leading food and beverage manufacturers rely on Vocollect to help them control operations costs while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With Vocollect Voice, your staff will fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, and you will be able to reduce your internal costs for multiple functions across your DC/warehouse operations. You’ll also benefit from the flexibility to be able to fulfill orders efficiently regardless of the order composition – from DCs to retail stores and direct customers.

A Selection of Vocollect Food & Beverage Customers

Industry - Food & Beverage

Business Challenges

Heighten Customer Satisfaction

By improving order selection accuracy to as much as 99.995%, we’ll help you to deliver the perfect order – ensuring compliance with your customers and high customer satisfaction levels.

Maximize Throughput Volume

Vocollect Voice will help you to minimize inventory, optimize your DC/warehouse space, and distribute your goods much more quickly.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications

Vocollect offers you the flexibility to provide best-in-class performance in each-, case-, and pallet-picking efforts.

Achieve Funding and IT Support for New DC/Warehouse Technologies

Because we integrate with all major WMS and ERP systems, including SAP, and support various hand-held hardware platforms, we provide maximum flexibility and help you minimize the amount of IT resources needed to complete the deployment successfully, as well as long-term IT support need.

Protect Your Investment

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months. Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Vocollect helps you achieve cost-effective and reliable compliance with lot track and trace regulations. 

Customer Quotes

"In the beverage industry one key thing for the customer is to get the right product to the right customer at the right time. Voice really helps on two of those fronts; our accuracy percentage is somewhere between 99.85-99.9 percent accurate now."

"Our productivity with the labels was averaging about 195 cases per hour, per selector. With voice, our current run rate is around 250 cases per hour, per selector."

"If I were giving advice to someone as to whether or not to do voice, I’d tell them do it and do it now. The benefits on the customer service side alone will pay for it, let alone the accuracy and productivity increase they'll get."