In the ever-changing industrial equipment and machinery (IE&M) industry, efficiency is critical in delivering highly complex customer solutions while optimizing your supply chain.  Timely delivery of quality products while reducing your operating costs may seem impossible but Vocollect Voice can help you minimize your inventory, maximize worker productivity and distribute your goods much more quickly.

A Selection of Vocollect Equipment/Machinery Customers

Industry - Equipment/Machinery

Business Challenges

Improve Supply Chain Agility

Task management optimization allows the supply chain to react quickly to resolve inventory issues for recalls or to adjust the order well before items are dispatched. This allows problems to be minimized within the chain. Growth and scalability can be quickly supported by voice with new workers trained in minimal time and productive.

Maximize Order Accuracy

The product mix is complex and therefore the ability to generate an error is high and the risk needs to be minimized. Vocollect customers often achieve order accuracy in excess of 99.99%.

Reduce Operations Costs and Labor Costs

We make your workers more productive than they can be through alternative picking methods – and Vocollect Voice requires a significantly lower investment to implement than lights, carousels or A-Frame solutions. Our management software provides key visibility into individual worker productivity and inventory.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications

With Vocollect, you can standardize your operations on one picking methodology to fulfill all orders – regardless of order composition – thus simplifying your operations management and reducing overall cost.

Keep Customers Informed

Paper labels are incapable of providing real-time feedback to a customer, which is often a requirement and many times can be a service differentiator.

Heighten Customer Satisfaction and Retention

By improving order selection accuracy to as much as 99.995%, we’ll help you to deliver the perfect order – ensuring compliance with your customers and high customer satisfaction levels.

Protect Your Investment

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months. Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

Customer Quotes

"Our voice installation with Vocollect is, by far, the simplest and most pleasant third-party experience I can remember. Great product, great team, great company."

"Working hands-free, eyes-free has enable us to increase productivity over our previous paper-based system -- and over RF handheld units as well."

"Working hands-free and using voice commands solves all kinds of problems. In five years, every major player will be using voice."