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Industry - Automotive ManufacturngLean Manufacturing Made Leaner

Enabling just-in-time (JIT) parts and components to be available at the desired time and ensuring timely delivery of replacement parts to dealers.

Optimizing Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) Lean Manufacturing Efficiencies

When Henry Ford's book , 'Today and Tomorrow' was published in 1926, it was embraced by those who believed in the basic principles for JIT supply networks. With a philosophy that calls for eliminating all sources of waste, including unnecessary inventory and scrap in production, JIT has had a significant effect on inventory control, purchasing, and suppliers.

The ability to support JIT with JIS product availability offers the most effective, Kanban replenishment. The combination though requires parts/component staging accuracy that must be achieved within the required delivery windows. The enablement of these requirements is the core strength of Vocollect Voice and the reason why Vocollect Voice is leading the global voice market to greater heights.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Helps ensure that workers are properly prepared for JIT production needs
  • Helps enable JIS parts and components are available at desired time slots
  • Helps ensure that Kanban carts and stocking zones are at required levels at shift start
  • Improved inventory accuracy through real-time visibility into on-hand balance (OBH)
  • Helps you operate a new technology within a union environment to create reasonable and fair performance standards
  • Helps ensure greater quality production efforts by using voice-directed process workflows to support SOPs
  • Provides management detailed shift reporting and worker analytics to maximize performance

Tier X Suppliers

Industry - Automotive Tier X SuppliersStreamline Accuracy and Throughput

Streamline cross docking for maximum throughput and accuracy for the staging of Kanban carts to meet just-in-sequence (JIS) requirements.

Partnering to Provide Uncompromising Service and Quality

The return of industry production volumes to near pre-recession levels is great news for the industry. Scratch the surface, however, and there are many Tier 2 suppliers in a tenuous position; with aging equipment, limited capacity and a workforce that has lost much of its experience.

Like their Tier 1 customers, most Tier 2 suppliers experienced significant drops in volume in 2009. In response, they too decreased their workforce, reduced or eliminated excess capacity, reduced spending on capital investment and other measures. Many of the most experienced employees decided to simply move on or retire as layoffs took their toll.

As a result, many tiered suppliers find it difficult to increase volumes. In order to support a healthy supply base, Tier 1 customers need to keep a watchful eye on their supply and, when appropriate, utilize their greater resources to support their sub-tiers through the automotive recovery.

Vocollect Voice Solutions provide you with streamlined best-in-class business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency. We will help you identify additional ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting your customer service level commitments.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Helps support and streamline cross docking order staging for maximum throughput
  • Helps ensure that orders are available for Just-In-Sequence (JIS) customer utilization
  • Helps ensure orders are accurate and staged correctly for shift Kanban carts at shift start
  • Helps ensure greater worker throughput to reduce fulfillment costs
  • Helps ensure efficient worker assimilation with voice directed process workflows

JIT Logistics Support

Industry - Automotive JIT Logistics SupportDrive Delivery Reliability

Maximize efficiency and accuracy for JIT production needs in order to ensure JIS parts and components are available at desired time slots.

Improving delivery accuracy and supply chain inefficiencies

Many of our automotive logistics customers provide in-plant services to streamline automotive plant line sequencing. Vocollect Voice has been successfully used in cross dock operations to help make your people more productive, your organization more efficient, and your company more competitive. We help our customers achieve the highest level of delivery reliability, including the improved support for milk-run distribution and collection. Our mission is always to help you provide operationally effective systems that offer potentially significant supply chain cost reductions.

We understand the demands of the automotive market, and getting the right parts delivered at the right time and with the right quantity is a key component to your success. Vocollect Voice has an extensive and long successful history working with customers in automotive logistics as they work with their customers to get to market. Our voice solutions can help you improve parts availability, optimize your inventory, reduce lead- and cycle-time, and improve order accuracy. Our automotive logistics customers actively work to reduce costs and inefficiencies, while improving processes which is reflected in their customer service scorecards. We help our customers to simplify their processes and services by helping our logistics customers better manage their processes, so they are able to spend more time focused on service, productivity and innovation.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Increase order throughput to better support timely order fulfillment requirements
  • Improve order accuracy and improve truck loading configurations
  • Help your customers reduce in-plant inventory needs
  • Help reduce excess inventory with greater order fulfillment accuracy 
  • Streamline cross dock operations for more efficient line sequencing staging
  • Enhance milk-run logistics set-up and loading organization

Aftermarket Parts

Industry - Automotive Aftermarket PartsKeep Customers on the Road

Improve order fulfillment productivity and accuracy to help deliver the right part, at the right time, at the most competitive price.

Providing Process Improvement Solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket's "sweet spot" of vehicles typically 6 to 12 years old continues to show strong support for growth and is projected to expand rapidly after 2018. The aftermarket segment which includes the manufacturing, distribution, retailing and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories is focused on keeping vehicles on the road operating safely and efficiently.

Automotive Aftermarket companies are driven to deliver the right part, at the right time, at competitive prices. While the growth of e-commerce is providing new channel opportunities, competitive market forces will continue to apply margin pressure, leaving little room for error and operating inefficiencies. Whether your customers are dealerships, commercial customers, do-it-yourself (DIY) or do-it-for-me (DIFM) or a mix of the above, there is a business need to reduce operating costs and ship perfect orders the first time. Vocollect Voice is a competitive differentiator that you can fully leverage to improve your operational processes.

Driving the greatest efficiency and accuracy to achieve those objectives with your operational processes is where Vocollect Voice can help. Vocollect Voice Solutions provide you with streamlined best-in-class business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency. We will help you identify additional ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater worker accuracy.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Increased order throughput with a proven ability to reduce errors by 80%
  • Improved worker productivity and workforce throughput
  • Improved worker safety with 'Hands-Free, Eyes-FreeTM' ergonomics
  • Reduced training time to quickly onboard temporary and new workers